Tilly Dangles

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It’s Friday you’re taking a well-deserved day off. You wake early, throw a few essentials in your saddlebags and hit the road. The wind on your skin is like a soothing massage. It’s healing. You are unpredictable. Confident. Gorgeous.

The jingle of these dangles is almost as charming as the whimsical design. Fused silver and stamped R-I-D-E letters create a rich surface texture. The earrings are a mismatched pair because no two rides are exactly alike. Glass beads provide a splash of contrast. These are great kick around earrings on the road or hanging with your girls on the weekend. Ready to ship!

  • Fused sterling silver
  • Lime green and blue glass beads
  • Measures 2-1/4” in length

Reveal Your Inner Biker Chick!