Larissa Twisty Pendant

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Sitting still leaves you feeling unsettled. The hum and vibration of your bike calms you. It’s hypnotic. The moment you can break free from the day-to-day, you’re on the bike and heading someplace. You are spirited. Adventurous. Beautiful.

The focal piece of this pendant is a gorgeous and elegant heavy silver wire that bends and winds just as the roads you love to ride. Along the pendant you will find round beaded hoops that move freely up and down the wire, and around each curve. Movement and playfulness are captured in this piece as it hangs from a round, brown leather cord. You'll find yourself playing with the beads all day long. Ready to ship!

  • Sterling silver heavy gauge wire
  • Turquoise and terra cotta beaded circles
  • Leather neck cord
  • Hangs just above the bust line

Reveal Your Inner Biker Chick!