“Just Ride” Leather Cuff Bracelet

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Your riding gear is packed and the sun is just starting to rise. There is nothing left to do but hit the road. The wind in your hair and sun on your face are all the therapy you’ll ever need. You are your own person. Badass. Sexy. Biker.

Soft black leather embraces your wrist and you feel amazing! This cuff fits you to perfection. The stamped plate tells the world your motto…”Just Ride”. And you do. Every chance you get. Each bracelet has varied details depending on the patina, which can be unpredictable…just like you! Guys love this one too! Made to order.*

  • Leather cuff measures 1” wide and will be made to fit your wrist. Contact me directly with measurements
  • Sterling silver stamped plate is joined to a copper plate treated in a patina bath for 1-week
  • Oxidized to enhance texture
  • Coated with renaissance wax to protect the finish

*Most custom orders ready within 2-weeks

Reveal Your Inner Biker Chick (or Dude)!