You Are...

Strong. Feminine. Confident. Beautiful.

Ride Like a Girl Designs celebrates the uniquely opposing qualities that define you. You throw your leg over the saddle and your inner "biker chick" is revealed…strength, femininity, confidence and undeniable beauty.

You experience fear, but move forward anyway…for the love of the ride. These feelings connect you to your biker sisters all over the world. We are strangers. We are kindred spirits.

My jewelry designs narrate your story…your ride. The materials I use are transformed through a journey of their own.

The color of metal changes as it’s heated with a torch. Powdered granules of glass, fired in a kiln, melt and fuse into the shiny resilient beauty of enameling. Precious metal clay, once pliable, evolves into a fine silver piece of jewelry…all of it transformed again by you...wearing it against your skin.

I was born an artist…

As far back as I can recall, I was always creating. When I was 7, I found a tangled pile of colored electrical wire at the base of a telephone pole in our yard. Intrigued by all of the bright colors and the pliability of the wire, it didn’t take me long to figure out how to make a simple wire-wrapped ring. My first dip into jewelry making.

My love affair with jewelry began at a very young age. The shine of 14-carat, gold dangle earrings my mom wore. The sparkly, ruby and pearl cocktail ring on my grandma’s finger. The gentle “jingle” of the silver charm bracelet my 1st grade teacher wore. Captivating. Luxurious. Beautiful. These images are still vivid and made lasting impressions on my young mind. They fostered my lifelong passion for jewelry.

In college, I chose a “practical” career path and majored in graphic design. But my hands could not be still, and my imagination remained lush. I always needed to be making, like I needed air, or water. One day, while flipping through a continuing education catalog, I read about a metal smithing program. Fire. Metal. Jewelry. My curiosity was peaked, and I enrolled in my first class. From the initial “pop” as I lit the torch, I was enamored. Infatuated. I took every class I could afford, and dreamed of becoming a jewelry designer.

My journey took a detour…

No path to success is ever a straight line, and rarely is it consistently forward. My story is no exception. I put my dream on hold when I became a single parent. But years later, like the memory of a lost love, I had this intense desire to try again. I enrolled in a basic silver smithing course to see if the passion was still there. And it was. Maybe even stronger this time, having let it go once before.

One day while working in my new studio, my mind wandering, it became so blatantly clear to me. I would combine two of my greatest passions into one business. Inspired by my love of motorcycles and jewelry, Ride Like a Girl Designs was born. My designs are influenced by the strong women I’ve met who share a passion for the open road. Connecting with my riding family through my work, is why I do this.

When a client shares a picture, on her bike, or with her wind sisters, wearing a piece I made for her, it melts my heart. That’s why I do what I do. Recently, I was commissioned to design a custom leather cuff for a riding group. Just to be asked felt like a huge honor, but when I received a group photo, of all the girls wearing their bracelets, I knew my dream was becoming a reality. My little business took a giant leap that day.

My designs celebrate the uniquely opposing qualities that make you special. And as my work evolves this will always remain a core value. When I combine textured, oxidized metal with a shiny stone, or soft leather, the contrast honors the women I have met along the way. Strong. Feminine. Confident. Beautiful.

I am humbled to become a part of your journey by designing a piece that touches your heart and speaks to you…your beauty and strength. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all of the love and encouragement as I’ve grown my business. Please accept this thank you gift of 25% off your first purchase by using CODE: THANKYOU25%. It doesn’t expire. Use it when you feel ready.

If you have an idea for a custom piece made just for you, please send me a note here and let’s chat about it. I invite you to join my group of VIB women (Very Important Badass) and would love to connect with you on Instagram and FaceBook.

Reveal your Inner Biker Chick!

- Toby Myles, Owner, Designer, Chief Biker Chick at Ride Like A Girl Design