Toby MylesYou Are...

Strong. Feminine. Confident. Beautiful.

Ride Like A Girl Designs celebrates the uniquely opposing qualities that define you. You throw your leg over the saddle and your inner "biker chick" is revealed…strength, femininity, confidence and undeniable beauty.

You experience fear, but move forward anyway…for the love of the ride. These feelings connect you to your biker sisters all over the world. We are strangers. We are kindred spirits.

My jewelry designs narrate your story…your ride. The materials I use are transformed through a journey of their own.

The color of metal changes as it’s heated with a torch. Powdered granules of glass, fired in a kiln, melt and fuse into the shiny resilient beauty of enameling. Precious metal clay, once pliable, evolves into a fine silver piece of jewelry…all of it transformed again by you...wearing it against your skin.

I am humbled to become a part of your journey by designing a piece that touches your heart and speaks to you…your beauty and strength. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

Reveal your Inner Biker Chick!

- Toby Myles, Owner, Designer, Chief Biker Chick at Ride Like A Girl Designs