What I’ve Learned After 1,270-miles on my Can-Am

What I’ve Learned After 1,270-miles on my Can-Am

I’m not gonna lie.  Even the very day I traded my 2015 Harley CVO Deluxe, for “Amelia”, my 2020 Can-Am Spyder RTL, I wasn’t convinced the Spyder life was for me. And yet, one mile after another, we’re becoming the best of friends. While no relationship is perfect, Amelia checks a lot of boxes…

√  I’m Relaxed – In my 12+ years of riding 2-wheeled motorcycles, I’ve never felt more relaxed, than I do now on Amelia. I don’t worry about crappy roads, parking predicaments or rain. A more relaxed me, equals more miles and more fun in the saddle.

√  I Enjoy the View – See reason #1 above. I’m relaxed. I look around more, and soak in more of the sights, sounds and smells… all part of the riding experience. Simply removing a few stressors has made me a more satisfied rider.

Enjoying the view at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

√  Reverse is Effing COOL! – Call me lazy, or call me a wuss, but I LOVE reverse mode. As a short girl, I struggled to back up my 750-lb Harley. Thankfully my hubby was usually there to help, but that left me feeling dependent on him, and stressed about parking situations if I was riding solo. I never worry about that now, because backing up is easy, and FUN!

√  Passengers Give Massages – One of the reasons I traded my Harley for my Spyder, was so my hubby could ride pillion, while recovering from cancer treatment. Having him back there is fun, like the old days when I rode on the back of his Road King. Plus, he massages my achy shoulders when I start to droop…an unexpected, and welcome BONUS of having a passenger!

My passenger with the magic fingers

√  Bells and Whistles are for Short Girls Too – Big bikes, with big farings, always felt like too much for me, at 5’2” and 120-pounds. But, I’ve lusted after the comfort features of a big motorcycle. Now, I have ALL of that! Tunes, GPS, heated seats and grips, and LOTS of cargo space. She’s got everything I never knew I needed!

√  Reverse is Effing COOL! Have I mentioned this before?

√  The Wave – Ok, y’all know what I’m talking about. Wave discrimination is real. I still drop the low 2-finger wave at all motorcycles, and most them, not all, wave back. We’re all enjoying the same wind, am I right? So, wave back or don’t, I don’t care. I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone.

√  I Miss the Rumble – This might be the only negative thing I have to say about Amelia. I LOVED the way my Harley sounded, and that’s probably what I miss most. If I can find a way to recreate that sound, I probably will.

√  Feel the Lean – Leaning into the curves is one of the best sensations on a motorcycle. Much to my surprise, I can still lean, corner and glide through the twisties. It’s not exactly the same, but still fun.

√  Reverse is Effing COOL! In case you were wondering.

√  Road Presence – I feel seen. Yes, I’m still vulnerable, out in the open, but my Spyder takes up more space than my Harley did, an entire lane actually. I have more presence on the road, which makes me feel safer and more relaxed.

√  Community – I’ve met the best people because of motorcycles and the Can-Am Spyder community is no different. I get SO excited seeing other Spyder riders on the road and have joined several local Spyder rider groups.

1,270-miles ago, I was certain there would be another 2-wheeler in my future. Now, I’m not so sure. For the moment, I’m having a shit-ton of fun on Amelia. I’m just going to enjoy her (and my effing cool reverse mode), and our adventures, and not worry about what’s too far down the road.

 Me and my Can-Am 2020 Spyder RTL, "Amelia"







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