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I hate to be cold. I’m not even gonna sugarcoat it. And winter can really suck if you’re sitting inside, watching the outdoor thermometer, waiting for it to inch above freezing (guilty). I’m sometimes envious of my wind sisters that have perfect riding weather all year, yet I can’t imagine living someplace without a change in seasons. So, we have no other choice. We ride in the cold. If the roads are dry, and mostly free of road salt, we ride. Give me 40-degrees, a sliver of sunshine, my heated gear, and I’m ready to roll. Cold weather gear is...

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As temperatures continue to drop here in Chicago, we’re still riding, but not as often, and mostly not as far. Veteran’s Day was the exception as we rode about 215 miles up to Milwaukee to trade my hubby’s Honda Goldwing for a 2016 Indian Roadmaster. As we rolled out at 10:00 am it was a balmy 49-degrees, and that was going to be the high for the day. I was well prepared for the cold, with leggings, jeans and chaps on my lower half and a turtleneck, long-sleeve shirt, heated jacket liner and leather jacket on the top half. And...

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