Super Comfy ALL Day Hoops!

Super Comfy ALL Day Hoops!

One of my core values for Ride Like a Girl Designs is creating jewelry that is durable and comfy both off and on the bike. If you’re like me, you don’t like to sacrifice style just because you’re out riding all day. Am I right? But you also know that not all jewelry is comfy for riding, especially if you wear full gear. Earrings are often too heavy or bulky to fit under a helmet. Bracelets can bunch up or slide up and down your wrists, under your jacket. So, I set out to make a collection of hoop earrings (because you can NEVER have too many hoops) that were comfy for all-day wear but still badass and sexy.

This was my “must-have” criteria: 

• Lightweight hoops in sterling silver or mixed metal

• A little movement, but not too much

• Versatile enough to wear ANY where, on or off the bike

• Looks amazing with a bandana

• Doesn’t pinch or pull under a helmet

Right away I ruled out post earrings because those can be uncomfortable if your ears are squished (technical term) under your helmet. Next, I pulled out my sketchbook and did a brain dump of several ideas that fit my criteria. After sketching a few dozen design ideas, I selected several that seemed to have potential, and did test samples in copper.

I worked through the dimensions, variations and details of several designs before proceeding to the final pieces in silver. I sanded and polished the finished earrings to be sure there were no rough edges that might rub against the skin. Once the earrings were completed, there was only one thing left to do…take them for a spin! Several pairs passed the road test with flying colors! 

However, my seal of approval is just the first gateway. It’s not the only thing that matters...

About a month ago a client contacted me to ask about the weight of the Triple Hoop Earrings. It was extremely important to her that each earring not weigh more than 4-grams. She asked me to weigh one and report back, which I did. 3.1-grams. Perfect! At her request, I also swapped out the ear wire to a thinner gauge just to make them a little more comfy. I shipped them to her and crossed my fingers that she would love them…

“They are gorgeous and comfortable!!!!!  I knew I’d love them, but wow – I’m swinging my head around, showing them off like crazy. They are exactly what I’ve been wanting for a long time.” ~Trish

It doesn’t get much better than that! For more super lightweight and comfy hoops take a peak at these beauties that have also passed the comfort and durability test. And if you have an idea for a custom pair of comfy earrings made just for you, let's chat! You can reach me HERE!

Silver Triangle Hoop Earrings  Silver Triple Swirl Hoop Earrings . Silver Brass Mixed Metal Hoop Earrings





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