Respect The Rust

Respect The Rust

I took this photo from the inside of Bob's Antique Indian Motorcycle Sales, on the upper floor above the shop. As I stepped carefully over dusty cardboard boxes and greasy bike parts, light peeked through the squeaky, musty wooden floor. Intrigued by the antique bikes and rusty old parts, I saw beauty rather than devastation. As I paused to consider the rich history surrounding me, and to wonder who might have ridden these old bikes, I looked out the window to catch this beautiful sight. Were they alone and lonely? Or together in peaceful solitude. You decide for yourself, just like I did.

How we view the world and respond to situations is a choice. This concept is more relevant right now than ever before. One-year ago I'd never even heard the term "social distancing". Now my daily vocabulary includes words like coronavirus, personal protective equipment, multiple myeloma and stem cell transplant. Life can change on a dime, without asking for any input from me. All I can do is control how I respond.

Like many of you, I’m feeling the uncertainty of life. Somedays I struggle to keep a positive mindset. I know I should turn off the news, but sometimes I stay glued to the TV, waiting for one tiny morsel of hope that things are improving. I’m looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. Still, my blessings are abundant, I try to remind myself.

Now, more than ever before, it’s so clear that my mindset is up to me. How I view the world around me, how I choose to stay connected and how I find the silver linings… it’s all up to me. 

When I was journaling regularly, every morning I’d write down a few things I was thankful for. This helped me to set the tone for my day. I’m not gonna lie, with everything I’ve had going on lately, I’ve strayed from my daily journaling practice, and slipped into a negative headspace. Today I am recommitting to daily journaling, by writing down just a few of my blessings…

  • My family, so far, is all still healthy and staying at home.
  • My kids are teleworking and still have jobs and incomes.
  • My husband got through a successful stem cell transplant and an unexpected hospital stay, and has been able to continue receiving the treatment he needs.
  • I’m still working in both of my businesses; creating custom and one-of-a-kind jewelry, and copywriting. Ideas are flowing.
  • I live in a beautiful, quiet neighborhood where I can walk every day, and wave at my neighbors across the street. Everyone is observing the 6ft rule.
  • I have access to phone, Internet, FaceTime, Zoom, and enough books and movies to last a lifetime.
  • I can order online and pick up my groceries from Walmart. I’ve gotten creative with new recipes using whatever I could get my hands on to cook a yummy meal.
  • My life is abundant in creativity and love.

So, I want to ask you… are you feeling down, or stuck or full of anxiety? Try making a list of everything good in your life. Nothing bad is allowed on this particular list. Flip the switch and change the story. Even in the midst of fear or uncertainty, YOU still control your thoughts and how you respond to adversity. Trust me, if I can do this you can too. We’re all in this… alone but still together.

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