New Collection in the Works!

New Collection in the Works!

I'm not gonna lie. I'm obsessed with color, color combinations and lately, with enameling. It feels like magic, turning powdered granules in to hardened glass. In my sketchbook I have dozens and dozens of designs incorporating enameled components. And my latest fascination is with making copper beads. In my store you can see the early result of this obsession with Damara Hoops and Nina Hoops. So I'm going to get this out of my system once and for all (yeah...sure), and design a brand new collection where the common element is enameled copper beads. I like to think of this image as kind of a physical sketch where I'm just playing with the color, texture and firing times. I'll keep ya posted on my progress. 


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  • nichole peacher

    I love the color.I have always wanted to try enameling. Great site.

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