I Did a Dumb Thing…

I Did a Dumb Thing…

I cut all my hair off. Well, maybe not ALL of my hair, but probably a good 3” of it. And when I say “I cut my hair” you know I don’t really mean “I” cut my hair, but I gave my hairdresser the motivation to cut my hair. And let’s just say I don’t love it. Let’s just say I don’t even like it. Ok. Who am I kidding? Let’s just be real. I friggin’ HATE it! I hate it to the point of tantrums, tears and sulking. Not a very pretty picture. [Sidebar…if my hairdresser happens to be reading this, I want her to know I DO NOT blame her. Not even a little. She is incredibly talented, and she gave me an amazing cut, and frankly did exactly what I asked.]

Even in this moment as I write this, I don’t know what came over me. Maybe I was a little bored with my “look” and thought a change was in order. Maybe I thought I was Halle Berry. Maybe I just didn’t think. Clearly though, a change was NOT in order. At least not this particular change.

So…how am I coping? Well my first answer would be, I’m not. But if I’m honest, I’m coping by wearing MORE jewelry. YES!! Amazingly, when I put on my favorite Tredz Half Moon Hoops, or my richly textured Tredz Triple Square Dangle Earrings, I feel instantly better. And when I fill up my arm with a stack of bracelets, or drape a sexy Tredz Heart Pendant around my neck, I’m no longer the dufus who cut off all her hair. I’m suddenly feminine. Badass. Sexy. And the sting of what I did subsides.



What is the moral of this story? 

First Moral: Jewelry cures everything! Ok, clearly not true. But, jewelry does make you feel something…more feminine, more badass, more beautiful or more sexy!

Second Moral: If you think you are ready to change your look, sleep on it a day or 2, or maybe find a photo of yourself when you had shorter hair. Did you love it? If so, I think you’re safe to proceed. If not? Change something else that’s easier to fix, and slowly step away from the scissors.

Third Moral: There is no third moral. However, who couldn’t use a bit of retail therapy, right? Shop now to find just the right bling for whatever is ailing you!








  • Denice H.

    You are beautiful. Your jewelry is Amazing!!! I’m so glad Thea put a link up to your sight. My Jaiden necklace came today and I am sooooo in L❤️Ve with it❤️❤️❤️ Everyone who has seen it loves it, but when I tell them what you named it, it became even more special. Fate I tell ya❤️ I couldn’t be any happier!!!!

  • Ellen Norcott

    Great post – awesome jewely . – and I think you look amazing with your new “do!”

  • Ann

    For what it’s worth, I think you look friggin adorable! But I always think that. :)

  • Natasha

    Shame Toby, your hair actually looks great but I know how it feels to have haircut regret! The word “trim” is your best friend from now on. On the bright side, this style really suits you and shows off your face and earrings nicely. It looks stylish, edgy and badass to me!

  • Theresa

    I love your cut! It looks super cute on you!

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