Heated Gloves vs Heated Grips

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Heated Gloves vs Heated Grips

As temperatures continue to drop here in Chicago, we’re still riding, but not as often, and mostly not as far. Veteran’s Day was the exception as we rode about 215 miles up to Milwaukee to trade my hubby’s Honda Goldwing for a 2016 Indian Roadmaster. As we rolled out at 10:00 am it was a balmy 49-degrees, and that was going to be the high for the day. I was well prepared for the cold, with leggings, jeans and chaps on my lower half and a turtleneck, long-sleeve shirt, heated jacket liner and leather jacket on the top half. And of course, the one piece of gear I could not have gone without…my heated gloves. Honestly, I probably would not have lasted 10-miles on the highway without these gloves. I don’t love that they are bulky, but my hands were never cold the entire day. Not once. Which is important because cold, numb, stiff hands while operating a motorcycle can be a serious and/or fatal hazard.

While I love, love, LOVE my Gerbing heated gloves, I also have small hands, and the bulkiness of the gloves is a bit of a hindrance. So I’ve been doing some research on heated grips. I’ve been reading reviews and comparing the effectiveness of heated gloves vs heated grips as rated by users. As often goes with these types of things it seems that the verdict is split down the middle. Some swear by the heated grips while others say heated gloves are the way to go.

So where then does that leave me? Well, I already have the heated gloves, which I will continue to use. I will also continue to gather data, collect opinions, compare reviews and maybe (since I’ve been a good girl this year) Santa will leave a set of heated grips under my tree! Hint, hint Santa! 

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  • Roberta

    In my humble opinion, after ~18k miles wide temperature range, no faring, tiny hands: while heated gloves (plug in type) are somewhat bulky, they are way much better at keeping my hands warm (35-55 farenheit) than heated grips.

    On the other hand, I’ve read that some brands of heated grips work better than others. Based on my experience with the first set of heated grips, which only heated the palms and not the top of the hand, I probably won’t invest in heated grips again.

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