Happily Ever After: A Marriage of Leather and Metal

Happily Ever After: A Marriage of Leather and Metal

Its weighty smoothness. Its luxurious softness. The feel of leather against your skin is comforting. Sensuous. Soothing. There is no substitute for the real deal, and if you're like me you love the scent of genuine leather. A black leather jacket drips with badassery, but its purpose is also practical. It is the protector and provider. Warmth, resilience and flexibility, make leather a “go-to” choice for bikers.


Pictured Above: Tredz Collection 

And then there is the brazen allure of metal. Hard. Cold. Tough. Polished to a high shine, sanded to a satin finish or hammered into submission, metal is the backbone of so many unions. Unwavering strength and fortitude. The pairing of metal with leather is no exception.

Long ago, before the combination of metal studs on leather became a fashion trend in the 1970s, and made a resurgence in the 80s, the use was practical…to join 2 pieces of leather together. In the Middle Ages, studs and spikes were used to hold military armor together. This might explain why the use of studs, spikes and rivets in fashion symbolize strength, intimidation or boldness. 

Combining leather and metal in jewelry is not a new concept. Joining them to create leather cuff bracelets is genius. The union is harmonious. Lightweight yet strong. Soft but resilient. The feeling of leather wrapped around your wrist is comforting but also exciting. The contrast of soft supple leather, paired with hard cold metal is striking, edgy…but OH SO sexy and badass! Is this a case of “opposites attract”? Maybe so. But, while the joining of leather and metal is rooted in practicality, there is no argument here. It’s a match made in heaven!


Pictured below are the Wind Sister Red Leather Cuff, the Just Ride Leather Cuff and the Wind Sisters with Heart Charm Bracelet, all available on my website.


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  • Susan

    I love this marriage! Your photos are great and the inspiration is crystal clear. Love love love. ?

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