Dear Girl,

Dear Girl,

Earlier this year, I participated in a workshop with Juju Hook, author of Hotflashes, Carpools and Dirty Martinis. The workshop lead us through a series of activities to force us out of the “I’m too old to [fill in the blank]” mindset, and into embracing this unique time in our lives. Prime Time baby!

Day 6 of the workshop focused on the Lie of Impropriety. What are the lies we tell ourselves that are holding us back from doing amazing things and living the biggest life we could dream of?

Juju asked us to close our eyes, while she read us the book Dear Girl, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. The book Dear Girl, is a beautiful letter written for a special little girl in your life. It’s a reminder to her that she is powerful and strong, in all of her uniqueness. Ironically, these are all core values for my business.

Juju then asked each of us to write a letter to ourselves when we were young girls. I wrote without hesitation. The words pouring out of me like they were right on the rim, just waiting to flow. It felt joyful and at the same time emotional, to tell that little girl it was ok to just be herself. Here's that letter...

Dear Girl,

I want you to know you have so much potential. So much talent. You might be incredibly shy, and it might feel painful right now, but you will grow out of it. Your shyness will evolve into a quiet sensitivity, allowing you to observe before speaking. This will serve you well in life, so don’t fight it. Don’t sweat it.

And you know how you always feel like you don’t know where you fit? That’s ok too. As you learn about yourself, you will find where you fit. Although, you may not always fit perfectly. And that’s okay too. You will learn to love your quirky self. And you will learn to let the world love your quirky self too.

You are an artist. And that means you have gifts. You might think this is just a hobby, but you will realize one day that this gift is exceptional, and that you will use it to do great things. Don’t worry if you choose not to be a teacher or nurse or something like that. You can be an artist. It’s allowed.

You are loyal to a fault. And I’m sad to say it will take you down some rough paths. You will be too eager to follow someone else’s dreams and too quick to say yes. You will believe the lies people say about you. It will hurt. And be hard. And you will want to die. But you won’t.

One day, you will be walking outside in the sunshine and suddenly you will feel amazing in your own skin. That day is the beginning of your truth. It will take some time, but you will find your place. Your tribe. You will find YOU.

Trust that everything that happened to this point was necessary, and that none of it was wasted time. Trust that you will have the life of your dreams. You deserve it. You really do.

I love you girl.

~xoxo Me

Sterling silver messy open heart necklace

I designed the sterling silver Messy Open Heart necklace as a reminder that love is messy, and beautiful. Both romantic love, and self love require true grit. And yet the heart is still open and still in one piece. No two are alike, with just a single story. And that's the way it should be.


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