Consistently Inconsistent.

Consistently Inconsistent.

That was the old me! I used to find myself bouncing from one new jewelry-making technique to the next, without any focus. It was fun mind you, but not really good for business.

Why am I sharing this now?

I mean you’d think I’d be too embarrassed, which I kinda am. But, I’m sharing this now because my inconsistency is going to be great for you!

Hear me out.

When I first started making jewelry, I wanted to learn every technique I could possibly find…enameling, resin, sweat soldering, patinas, etching, precious metal clay…I could go on but I won’t (did I say this was embarrassing?). The result of my behaving like a 2-year old with the attention span of a flea is that in the beginning, my jewelry was all over the place. And the net result is what I like to call “One-Of-A-Kind” pieces (otherwise known as OOAK). Now it’s true, these are in fact OOAK pieces. However, as I have become more focused on my business, and my clients, I have a better understanding what it is you guys want. This is a good thing. In fact it's huge!

“How is this good for me?”

You might be asking yourself this very question. So here’s the inside scoop…in January 2018, I am taking down the entire OOAK section from my website. But in order to do that, I need to sell ALL of my OOAK pieces this year. “Holy Crap” you might be thinking, “this year is almost over!” Yep…I know. But I have to make room, so this means that you can purchase these pieces for anywhere from 25%-50% off. I’m not even kidding. 50% off! That’s unheard of this time of year.

 Time is short so pay attention!

As we've already noted, time is running out in 2017! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled on your e-mail and also be sure you’re already a part of my FaceBook group because I will be offering the OOAK pieces to my loyal customers first, before I list them anywhere else. I want you guys to get first dibs to thank you for your support.

That’s it! Easy Peasy...

2017 has been an amazing year for my little business. But 2018 is going to be even better! By making this shift in my mindset, Ride Like A Girl Designs will be consistently consistent in 2018, bringing you more of what YOU want. Happy shopping and thank you for your consistent support!


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