Biker Mommas Part 3 - Gail Bonnstetter

Biker Mommas Part 3 - Gail Bonnstetter

Social media is a funny thing when you really think about it. It’s all about being social, with strangers really. I have more “friends” on social media than I do in real life. Sad but true. However, there are also real connections that start on social media that often evolve into “real” friends and eventual in-person meetings. Personally, I have met 3 of my Facebook “friends” in real life, and I know that I will meet more somewhere down the road. I have never met my next Biker Momma, in real life, however, what what first inspired me to “friend” her was her beautiful smile and apparent zest for life! She’s got a light in her eyes that shines through every photograph. I remember thinking not only does this chick totally ROCK a short haircut, she also looks like she’d be a hoot to hang out with. So I was thrilled when she agreed to the interview. Meet Gail Bonnstetter…

If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

47-years old 

What is your current bike?

I bought my Harley Davidson Breakout when it came out in 2013.

Did you start riding before you had kids or after?

Before. My parents rode and as a kid I had a minibike and then the family had a small motorcycle we all shared.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

3 amazing sons! Logan is 27, Trevor is 26 and Levi is 24, he also rides.

If you started riding after you had kids, what were other people’s reactions? 

You are always going to have haters. People that have never ridden who are pessimistic. We all take risks in our lives, personally I choose to ride! 

If you started riding after you had kids, was it to fulfill a lifelong dream or just an idea that popped up one day?

I always dreamed of owning my own Harley Davidson. When I got my first one back in 2010, I was hooked from day one! I now own my second!

How do your kids feel about you riding? 

They know that I’m a free spirit and they know that I have met some of the most wonderful friends through riding. They are very supportive!

Do you now, or anytime in the past let your kids ride pillion?

I have never had my children on my bike in any way. I do not ride passengers period. May be a sick way of thinking, but I say if I do dump my ride, I will be the only one that has the chance of getting hurt. I never want to put someone else’s life in my hands on the bike.

Has your riding influenced your kids to start riding?

I am not sure how much I influenced Levi, but his personality is a lot like mine so I think it’s just genetics ha!

If your kids ride, how do you feel about it?

Crazy but true, when Levi was here in FL I rented him a bike to ride for a day and I was a nervous wreck! I did not want him to get hurt! I guess that is just a motherly instinct thing! He’s a very responsible and seasoned rider, but I will always worry about him!

If your kids ride, do you ride together?

We did that one time here in FL and it was AWESOME!

Share with us a story or anecdote about being a mom who rides…

So one thing my youngest son has mentioned is my “attire” sometimes ha! He prefers that I stay covered up, which I can respect, yet he knows I am who I am also. That is just a son’s instinct of protecting his motorcycle momma! HA!

What is your profession and what other hobbies do you have?

I am a Marketing/Event and Promotions Manager. I really do not have a lot of hobbies. I am a fitness freak and obviously I love to take day rides with my biker peeps. I am not one to do weekend/overnight trips as I am a fair weather rider and do not want to find myself hours from home in a rain storm!

Gail's bio in a nutshell:

I was raised on a hog farm in Iowa which has embedded a very strong work ethic into my soul. Being from the Midwest, I also believe my compassion that I have for people and their needs, individuality is a big part of my upbringing as well. That is why I truly enjoy the biker world. You have everything from the true/raw bikers living the life every day, to the professional bikers who ride for enjoyment and stress relief (that’s me!) Life is too short to not enjoy it to the fullest and when my knees are in the breeze with the friends I have been blessed with, life is good – wait, life is GREAT! 








  • Rebecca

    Wow Gail u do sound like a fun person to ride with! Im in Fl too, looking for other women to ride with, if u dont mind a rice rocket tagging along. I used to take passengers when I was young & dumb, but like u I wouldnt do it now. Luckily my excuse is I have my bike lowered so far to accomodate my short little legs, I scrape the license plate going over railroad tracks with just me. Ride safe, enjoy!

  • Gail

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for including me in your blog I look forward to the rest of your stories!!! ❤️

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