Biker Mommas Part 2 - Grace Roselli

Biker Mommas Part 2 - Grace Roselli

I was a little tardy to the social media party…holding out way longer than most people I knew, “just because”. I’m a little rebellious that way. I first dipped my toe into the water on Instagram and then much later dove headfirst into Facebook (mostly because a class I was taking had a Facebook group and I didn’t want to miss out). Very soon after I took the plunge, I noticed several posts entitled “The Naked Bike Project”. Huh? Needless to say this got my attention. I had to know more. As I peeked in a little closer I saw that the woman behind the work was not only an artist/photographer she was also a biker chick…my kinda girl!! Although we have never met in real life, I feel connected to her through a shared love of bikes and art. She also happens to be a mom who rides. Meet Grace Roselli...


If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

56-years old

How long have you been riding, and what is your current bike?

Riding since 1988 and my current bike is a ’13 Ducati Hyperstrada.



Did you start riding before you had kids or after?

Before. My older daughter was born in 1998.

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have two daughters, Leila, 18, and Zina, 14.

What were other people’s reactions to your decision to ride?

Aside from my ex-husband’s negative reaction, I didn’t really notice any reactions at all, except for a few smiles when I was riding with Zina when we she was smaller.

Did you put your riding on hold when you had kids? If yes, how long before you picked it back up again?

I put riding on hold when I was pregnant and pretty much during the course of my marriage.

How do your kids feel about you riding?

It is very much a non-event for my children.

Do you now, or anytime in the past let your kids ride pillion?

Yes, when I picked up riding again after my separation, my daughters were 8 and 3. I started riding with them when my youngest turned 8.



Has your riding influenced your kids interest in riding?

My eighteen-year-old daughter does not really express any interest in riding, or even driving a car. My fourteen-year-old daughter, however, would like to have a scooter to ride around the city right now.

If your kids decide to ride, how do you think you’ll feel about it?

This is a very tough question. I am terrified about them being beginner riders. Early on- as a newbie rider, I avoided lots of what could have been bad situations, just by dumb luck. Obviously, if they want to ride I will make sure they get excellent training and do whatever I can to have them be the best riders they can possibly be. On the other hand, as their mother, I will always be terrified that something is going to happen to them.

If your kids choose to ride, do you plan to ride together?

When my fourteen-year-old daughter turns eighteen, I plan on taking us to Europe and taking a motorcycle tour with two bikes.

Share with us a story about being a mom who rides…

Just the usual “Your mom’s so coool”. My younger daughter used to feel awkward about that, and would have me drop her off at school out of site of her friends.

Grace’s Bio in a Nutshell:

I’m a Brooklyn, New York based artist with a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design. I graduated in the ’80s and went straight to the city (NYC). My artwork has appeared in numerous solo and group shows- both nationally and internationally. “The Naked Bike Project”, my current art series, reimagines the visual portrayal of women who ride within the context of contemporary art, society and motorcycle culture. Naked Bike’s been featured in Jalopnik, MCN, NYC Motorcyclist and more. You can see more of my work on:

To see more of Grace's work, check it out...

April 28th: A Night of Motorcycles and Art

MotorGrrl presents the premiere of Grace Roselli’s NAKED BIKE PROJECT and Susana Rico’s VIRAGOS PROJECT
Please join us at MotorGrrl, April 28th from 7-11pm.

The MotorGrrl bike shop is located at 42 Dobbin Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11222





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