Biker Momma - Ann Bevans

Biker Momma - Ann Bevans

I’m one of those people that easily loses count of the years rolling by. If you asked me something like “when did you start riding?”, or “how long have you lived in Pennsylvania?” my answer would be something in a very large ballpark, but probably far from reality. As time flies by, to me everything feels like it was just yesterday.

So, when I tell you I first met Ann about 10-years ago, understand it was more like 20-years ago. WTF? Ann and I sat next to each other, very randomly, at a networking breakfast back in the early 2000s. She was a web developer at the time, and I was a freelance graphic designer. We had plenty of common ground to chat about, and even collaborated on a few projects.

Right from the start I was in awe. Ann is confident without being arrogant. She’s talented without being egotistical. She’s funny, quirky and down to earth. Just my kinda chick. I think you’re going to love her just as much as I do. meet Ann Bevans…


"You're not too old and it's not too late" ~ Ann Bevans


Ann Bevans is a writer, adventurer, and baby goat superfan. She is the creator of Bean in the Garden, a picture book and video series aimed at helping young children learn to be brave and kind in everyday life. When she’s not stuffing words into the mouths of anthropomorphic vegetables, she writes fiction and creative non-fiction for teens and adults. She does all her own stunts.






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  • pam jackson

    awesome! great piece about an extraordinary woman!

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