Anatomy of a Limited Edition Badass Box

Anatomy of a Limited Edition Badass Box

How does one small business compete with the big box retail stores around the holidays? Well, we really don’t. I mean don’t get me wrong, we want our piece of the pie for sure. But we don’t have to go through multiple layers of meetings and red tape, if we want to run a special promotion. We say to ourselves “what’s the most amazing thing I can put together for my loyal customers?”. And ourselves say back “whatever the heck you want!”. This is how the Badass Box was born.

I knew it had to be something unique, but also comfy. One of my core values here at RLAG is that my jewelry needs to be comfy both on and off the bike. That means lightweight earrings that can be worn with a helmet or a bandana, leather cuff bracelets that are soft and supple, and silver pendants that feel smooth next to your skin.

But comfort isn't the only important thing. Every piece has to be both beautiful and feminine, while still edgy and badass. It’s not easy because those qualities are sometimes at odds with each other.

On paper, this year’s box took on many iterations, and I thought I was pretty clear on what it was going to be. But one morning, I woke at 4:00 am, and couldn’t fall back asleep. My mind was spinning. I felt like the box I was planning to make, wasn’t badass enough. The box was missing that special something…exclusivity. The Badass Box needed to be a LIMITED EDITION, and include newly-designed pieces not already available in my shop. BAM! I did a total revamp for this year’s box, and there are ONLY 24-boxes available this season.

Here's what's included: 

Badass Girl Silver Leather Cuff Bracelet Sterling Silver Mixed Metal Lightweight Hoop Earrings  

  • New! BADASS GIRL Leather Cuff Bracelet! For all you badass girls out there… I designed this bracelet just for you! Each sterling silver plate is hand-stamped and textured, one at a time, making each one, one-of-a-kind. The wide black leather is soft, supple and lightweight, yet still makes a huge statement. Badass!
  • New! Mixed Metal Sterling Silver and Copper Triple Hoop Earrings! You can never have too many hoops. That’s my motto. Literally…I say it all the time. These earrings have movement, texture and size, but are still super lightweight. Love them! 
  • Polishing Cloth and Jewelry Care Guide. Don’t be afraid to wear your jewelry ALL the time. Just follow a few simple steps to keep it looking amazing! I got your back, see?
  • All of the goodies are snuggled inside a large black cotton bandana (seriously…who doesn’t love a good bandana?) and tucked away in a kraft box (made from recycled paper of course). And the cherry on the top… the exclusive “BADASS BOX” ribbon makes this ready to gift. I know…it’s amazing! 

Who is this box for? It’s for the BADASS GIRL in your life. Maybe it’s your sister, your mom, your wife, your girlfriend, your wind sister…or maybe it’s YOU! No shame in treating yourself too! 

LIMITED Quantity! Because each item is handmade, and not mass produced the quantity is limited to ONLY 24 BOXES. That’s it! Don’t miss out! Click HERE to pre-order yours now. December 3rd is the last day to order in time for Christmas.


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