A Special Gift To Remember Mom on Mother’s Day

A Special Gift To Remember Mom on Mother’s Day

Suddenly it’s May and Mother’s Day is less than 2-weeks away. Even though I’ve been a mom for 27-years, Mother’s Day is about remembering and honoring my mom, not me. Even though she passed away 16-years ago, in my heart I will always celebrate her on Mother’s Day. I recall my sister and I giving her a donut maker which was really more like a waffle iron but for donuts. I’m not even sure my mom liked donuts, but us kids sure did! She used it exactly one time. The hot oil caused so much smoke it set off the smoke detector. That was the end of homemade donuts in our house. Bummer.

We thought breakfast in bed was the best gift ever...

We also served her breakfast in bed, which WE thought was pretty freakin’ awesome! My mom, not so much. I can’t imagine why she didn’t appreciate four rambunctious kids, bouncing on the bed, hovering, asking her “do you like it”, followed by “can I have a taste?". We watched to be sure she ate every last bite of scrambled eggs and toasted english muffin. And when she was done, my dad herded us out of the room, leaving behind a frazzled mom and a trail of bed crumbs. My mom was not a morning person. Her usual routine was coffee, a cigarette and the morning crossword puzzle. But we were kids and we wanted to pamper her.

She would have loved a handmade piece of jewelry...

My mom was beautiful. She didn’t have to try at it. She just was. She was a natural at accessorizing. Purses. Shoes (oh boy did she love shoes), and unique sterling silver jewelry. Yet I don’t recall gifting her much jewelry when we were young. And my journey into metalsmithing and jewelry design flourished long after she passed. For that I’m sorry, because if she were here today, I would gift her something sentimental and precious. Something sterling silver, beautiful and badass just like her. I love you and miss you mom. This one’s for you.

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