100 Hoops Project

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100 Hoops Project

Why 100 hoops? Seems like a lot of hoops, even to me. But hear me out…

The answer in its simplest form is you can never have too many pairs of hoop earrings. Plain and simple. They are your go-to accessory any day and for any occasion. Hoops are like that old trusted friend. They will always be there for you and never let you down. They are easy going and you don’t have to give them much thought. Perfection.

The more complicated answer has to do with me, the artist. I am a perfectionist. And sometimes my perfectionism is my biggest downfall. My mind is flooded day and night with ideas for new work. I want each and every piece to be perfect. And then the fear sets in. It freezes me in my tracks. What if it’s not perfect? My mind races in circles and I cannot make a decision on where to start. I get stuck.

This is a huge problem. I am aware of it. I’ve acknowledged it. Now I’m going to deal with it. How?

The 100 Hoops Project.

Hoops can be simple or complex. They are like doodles in wire, and doodling for me has always been relaxing. Mindless. Soothing. Almost meditative. Way back in college, in figure drawing class, we always started with gesture drawings as a way to warm up the body and hands, wake up the mind and see (not just look at) the model. Gesture drawings are not quite doodles, but a quick sketch, using economy of line to capture the essence of the pose. No time to overthink. No time for perfection. Just draw.

So the thought occurred to me…why not take a similar approach in my jewelry studio? Make hoops. Lots of them. Warm ups. Over and over and over so that I get unfrozen, unstuck and can get to the real nitty gritty of tackling all of my ideas for new work. Why not?

And so here I go. Follow along over the next few days, weeks and months as the 100 Hoops Project takes shape. I will be cranking out hoops while tackling a major road block at the same time. It’s a win win situation! Stay tuned!


  • richard

    I’m totally impressed with what you’re undertaking and totally supportive! Ride on , Toby!

  • Rena Barner

    I love your work, I LOVE HOOPS and you are amazing! So proud of you!

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